<aside> 💡 Made by: A r i g a r

READ ME: ✏ All the official information can be found here. ✏I recommend using it on an iPad/Tablet, Web Browser, Desktop app so you can enjoy the layout the method suggests. But obviously you can use it on a smartphone too.


<aside> ❓ Cue-Column


As soon after class as possible, formulate questions based on the notes in the right-hand column. Writing questions helps to clarify meanings, reveal relationships, establish continuity, and strengthen memory. Also, the writing of questions sets up a perfect stage for exam-studying later.

★ I recommend to use toggle lists to write the questions and answers so you can review them easily.

<aside> 📓 Note-taking Column


During the lecture, use the note-taking column to record the lecture using telegraphic sentences.

★ You can add videos typing /video. ★ You also can add PDF typing /pdf. ★ To find more helpful commands click here.

<aside> 💭 Summary


After class, use this space at the bottom of each page to summarize the notes on that page